I count myself as being very fortunate to have already experienced and enjoyed a wide range of cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds during my first 40 years. From the slums of Rio de Janeiro through to the most wealthy of European capitals, I have lived, breathed and worked in these vastly different environments. This has led me to appreciate and understand how different societies and people work, what makes them tick, and more importantly, how best to capture their unique, life changing moments.

My family and I live on the Shropshire / Staffordshire border and love the delights the area brings. Any spare moments are enjoyed through my other passion of cycling.

The world of multi-media, around us every second of our waking lives, is developing at a staggering pace. Such mind-blowing evolution is exciting, with new technologies and developments being launched on what often seems like a daily basis. It's difficult to keep up. However, such proliferation of visual effects means that some inevitably die out.

One form of media, however, remains timeless. Still images are non-obtrusive, allowing the onlooker to intimately discover all the qualities of the image at their leisure, while developing their own unique and personal interpretation of the piece before them. They are there to be enjoyed, and will always be so.

Through quickly developing a strong personal relationship with my clients, I can appreciate their requirements and wishes, allowing them to concentrate on enjoying the event whilst leaving me to capture their moments.

I aim to gear my event shoots towards being as invisible as possible, whilst naturally being in the right place at the right time, thus achieving the best candid material possible. This approach allows me to capture those special 'moments' which will be treasured forever. I approach every assignment in the same way -

> To provide a comprehensive pre-event consultation
> To cover everything with as low a profile as possible
> To respect client wishes and the privacy of other guests
> To gain the implicit trust of the client so they are comfortable with my service, product and presence

Many photographers are creative and passionate.
Many are professional, reliable and honest.
Very few are all of these - I am one of them.

Rich Preece

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